Benefits of sex for married couples


Physical pleasure is not the only reason of having sex. There are plenty of good causes behind sex. Sex plays a major role in married couple’s life. Through sex emotional closeness is derived between couples that is very important for a strong perpetual relationship. A highly active sex-life is vital for our emotional and physical well-being. Let’s see how!

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  1. Emotional benefits-For a married couples sex is highly important as it connects emotionally. It increases the level of commitment, lowers feelings of insecurity, boosts self-esteem, relieves stress, provides soothing effect, reduces the chances of depression and makes the person happy. If you have come across a fight or having workplace tensions then you can perform sex with your partner to unite again. Sex has the power to create a strong bond between couples and give them a happy life forever.
  2. Physical benefits- A healthy sex keeps body in a healthy condition. Sex improves your immune system, eliminates pain, lubricates vaginal tissue, reduces the risk of prostate cancer, lowers the risks of heart attacks, lowers the rate of mortality, chances of getting cold and flu reduces, improves the skin, lowers blood pressure, improves the sense of smell, keeps the dentine healthy, improves digestion, helps in good sleep, improves pelvic muscle tone, and boosts libido.
  3. Builds strong relationship-Marriage is above sex but if physical intimacy is not their between the partners unfortunately it will never continue. Sex is extremely important as it reunites the couple after a great fight. Often people have noticed that sex reduces their tensions and brings closer to each other by sorting out all the fights between them. If any time you have a fight with your partner simply have sex to soften over the rough parts of your relationship.
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