Sex improves good married life


Sex is awesome, particularly in marriage life. However, not all sex is equally good. You need to apply certain rules and sex with soul mate can be very interesting. Sex creates a unique bond between the couples. However, many couples complain that sex after marriage hasbecome less competitive and additional responsibilities like in laws, job, and financial insecurities has made sex to take a back step. There is no doubt that many couples complain that after marriage, honeymoon period just lasts for few months. Thus, we advise with tips to maintain a healthy sex life for a successful marriage life.

Beatiful Relationship

Firstly, every couple should take counsel after they get married about maintenance of sex life. You must learn to find your partners wishes during intercourse. Every person has different expectations and feels differently in varied position. Hence, learn what your spouse wants from you. Ask you partner for preferences, if required. Be open to the topic and start the conversation with sex talk.

Secondly, while making love, remember less is more. Hence, avoid the prickly frills or bling accessories. Fulfil your partner wishes by having minimal dressing or showcasing as Vegas show girl type. Try and blow your partner’s mind beyond his expectations.

Alcohol does magic. A beer, wine or anything which you both like can be shared while in bed. The alcohol does its magic and you enjoy sex better with drinks. Make your sex interactive through use of other sources of sex items. Vanilla sex is good. But, try your hand at usage of sex toys like bullet vibrator or massager. There are many sex toys available in market for this purpose. Lastly, linger your hands. As you enjoy, the warm hands of you partner over you. So do them. Linger your hands in the most sensitive areas of the body and give them the perfect blow.

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