Sex tips for newly married couples


Here are some tips for newly married individuals. These tips can definitely help you deal with questions that you might come across on first night after marriage.

Both partners should trust each other

Initially, you might not like to see your wife chatting with her male friends, and even she won’t like to see that you are still chatting with your former girlfriend on whatsapp or Facebook. The best way to avoid misconceptions is to trust each other. The more you trust, the more you would start giving freedom to each other. Just offer all the possible love to your partner, and she won’t betray you for sure!

Sexual Relationship

Explore your partner

First few days after marriage are more like learning curve for both partners. Sleeping naked with your partner for first few days would prove to be very exciting. Give enough time to your girl to open-up, remember, her body is delicate. So, don’t mind even if she says no to something like anal sex.  Explore her body, find ways to excite her, and make sure that she feels comfortable while sleeping with you.  Give some time to your woman. Remember, she is not going anywhere, you can hold her in your arms, hug her, and kiss her anywhere, any time.

Situation might prove to be different if both of you know each other for several years. But anyway, don’t be harsh, and rough, let her decide if to go quickly or slow. If you know that your woman loves watching porn, ask her about the sexual positions which she wishes to try. Play some simple breast sex videos to add excitement in the situation.

Tell your partner about your virginity

If you are a virgin, you may not be able to control yourself when you go to bed with your partner for the first time. Once you see her naked, you might feel like kissing her everywhere and licking her entire body. She would be easily able to recognize if you have had sex with someone before or not. Even you can look at her vagina and guess if she had sex before or not. So, don’t lie to each other about your previous sexual experiences.

Use condoms instead of asking your lady to go for birth control pills

There is no doubt about the ability of birth control pills, or female condoms. But as mentioned earlier, girl/woman’s body is delicate compared to that of a man. So, instead of asking your lady love to go for pills and impact her health, it is always better to use a condom if you are not planning to start your family any time soon.

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